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Your Order REF number is $os0

$user_ip Your 5Renault Radio Code Order
Thank you for your purchase, I am pleased to confirm that the radio code for your radio's barcode number of $os0 is

Philips Renault Code Entry
The [ ] button would be the button under the thumbwheel on the bottom of the stalk control

Turn on the radio and the display will show 'CODE' and then "0000".

Use the steering controls for code entry.

Press the [ ] button then rotate the thumb wheel for the correct first digit
Press the [ ] button then rotate the thumb wheel for the correct second digit
Press the [ ] button then rotate the thumb wheel for the correct third digit
Press the [ ] button then rotate the thumb wheel for the correct fourth digit

With the full code now shown on screen, press and hold the [ ] button for up to 10 seconds to store the code

If you have previously entered incorrect codes
If previous incorrect codes have been entered into your unit it may continually show "ERROR". If this is the case, leave the radio powered up undisturbed until it shows '0000' This process may take upto 1 hour

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